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Deuxième chance (Nouvel album)

Palmyre  S E R A P H I N 

Artiste à l'honneur

Palmyre Seraphin is a Haitian-American Gospel/Inspirational singer. She began her singing at the age of three with her mother in their local church, Temple 1, in Haiti. Palmyre soon learned to play the violin at the renowned Victorian School founded by famous violinist Romel Joseph. While playing the violin, she also started her first piano lessons with Professor Fritz Hunter at College Bird, and Professor Richardson Leopold at l’École de musique de Monette Leopold. 


Palmyre was very active at church, became a member of a small group and participated in all kinds of youth activities. When Palmyre turned eleven years of age, she discovered that she could eloquently interpret Whitney Houston’s songs, one of her favorite singers....

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